• Alana Krushen


Updated: Apr 17, 2018

I've changed a lot as a person.. most importantly in what my perspective of other people is.

Years ago, if you were to ask me about him/her/us/that... I would have sneered at the thought and very quickly plucked out something shitty. And kids? FUCK no. Get that idea the hell away from me.

But I've grown up since then. And through silence of observation I started to pay attention. Started to see all the good everywhere and how wonderful he/she/us/that, truly is.

And I started to like kids. Watched them come armed to each day with wonder and curiosity. I noticed myself smiling when they smiled, sympathizing when they cried, and kind of... flirting with the idea of wanting to have them.

So I've lived vicariously through some gracious families, and really desired to get closer to all the purity that children are. And that may seem menial to some. But to age into this change has been worldly to me. So I've kept a secret... But what I've decided to do has already been so moving that I can't bear to keep it to myself anymore.

I have been accepted into a mentorship with Big Brothers & Big Sisters... And it's an absolute honour. To be able to give guidance to a child in a position I recognize... I just don't have the words to express the worth it has for me.

So. It's you & me buddy. Let's take on the world together.

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