• Alana Krushen

The Heid Out | Insisting the Best

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

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Heidi Romich. The woman, the myth, the legend...

She’s been traveling the world and pursuing her love of tourism longer than I have eaten solid foods. 20 years she’s rocked Cranbrook as an entrepreneur; and after years of success as a fine dining destination in Cranbrook, she wasn’t done yet. She and her daughter agreed on an undertaking to change the game.

2013 became a noteworthy year for Cranbrook’s growth, as the Heid Out opened its doors as the first brewhouse in the area. The adoration for the new establishment was immediate. A local favorite for residents, tourists and media ensured the community buzzed with support.

One of the many things that sets Heidi apart, is her desire to involve the community. Beer can design, new menu items and naming the restaurant have all been decided by a panel of residents. Did you hear me? Heidi gave minimal input on the naming process... The final decision was made without her!

"If someone is joining us for a birthday, anniversary or special event of any kind - that is the greatest compliment we can receive." Heidi Romich

Heidi tells me that her favorite part of working in this industry is the familiar faces, and the stories they tell. Her vision with the Heid Out was to establish an atmosphere where no one felt too old, too young, under-dressed or over-dressed. To simply come as you are. She loves that the people attending her fine dining events are among the same in the pub, eating a burger and fries.

Every aspect of the restaurant is a direct reflection of Heidi’s integrity. The warm welcomes, the packed house and the mouthwatering smells. I admire Heidi most for her distaste of processed food. Her eager team acts alongside her without question and has delivered an impressive menu that is home to only SIX items not made in house.


Heidi has this wonderful mind that meets challenges with a ‘bring it on’ attitude. You can find her doing everything from: canning beer, catering events, playing badminton, serving dinner, attending birthday parties, teaching at the college, chatting with customers, attending tourism meetings…. And hopefully, finally, drinking a well-deserved beverage with family.


My personal love for the Heid Out is in the rooted connection that I feel at home there. I know in my heart that I can go confidently in tattered jeans for a pint & poutine, or show up in my Sunday's best for a client meeting & a glass of wine. In either of these instances, I know Heidi will come over to me with the same gesture.