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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

A day of primary overcast, a local woman named Tammy agrees to meet with me. My intention explained briefly in email, she responded promptly and meets me without reservation.

We spoke over coffee about the ebb and flow of local business, and how she has persevered as an entrepreneur for a number of decades. Founder and Owner of Tara’s Boutique; fashion, fabric, and dressing to impress has not been the only pursuit for Tammy...

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Like any business owner, there is a life built outside of the store front.

Tammy is a mother of two, and a foster mother to countless struggling teens. She has a strong love for her grandbabies and her puppy dogs. Her compassion for animals shows through in her business as she accepts SPCA donations every year as discounts to her prices.


In what seems like a lifetime ago, 3 year old Alana met Tammy at a daycare. Tammy’s Daycare, of course! I remember it being a place of magic and wonder, friends and fun.

Years later as Tammy’s own children grew older, she aspired to create a new business, and the missing element in the Cranbrook/Kootenay market was a dress shop. With her daughter Tara’s love of fashion in mind, they opened the boutique together. 4 years after opening their doors, Tara steps away from the business. Tammy stood strong in this, with an empty nest and store, as Tara fell in love. With Tammy’s integral sense of will and determination, to this day she runs the business on her own. Excelling in great product and cozy atmosphere: Entering the boutique is like walking through a kaleidoscope. The textures, colours, patterns and accessories are enough to bring a widened eye to any girl.

Before this day, my last step into a dress was for my high school graduation.

I remember my apprehension turning into glee as Tammy left my mom and I to parade around the store touching the multitude of choices. As time went on, Mom and I realized our ignorance to gowns. In every. damn. sense. Our panic was short lived, as Tammy had every answer we needed. Without a scoff or a chuckle, Tammy fitted me in a dress that I absolutely loved. And under $200, so did mom.


I know Tammy still emulates this same passion and patience to her customers today. Her promise of single-selling dresses to every school in the area proves wholeheartedly that her passion for this is far greater than the monetary reward. Through wandering hands and bright eyes, it’s easy to see the excellence of the dress designers Tammy works with. Chosen for more reasons than just quality, her price tags attached to each dress are outstanding.

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Like many, I understand the accessibility of the internet, and how self-empowered shoppers take to websites to find the lowest price available. But what I also know, is the feeling of humiliation when an article of clothing arrives in the mail. It’s quality a far cry from what you expected… You put it on anyways, to find it fits more like a bed sheet, and less like a dress.

I stand here now in my saggy “boho dress” telling you: Please trust the experts. Tammy has fitted countless grads, brides, and event attendees in some of the most fabulous gowns you can lay eyes on. These days wearing beautiful dresses can be some of the best of your life... Support Tammy

Designer Dress, wedding, gown, wedding dress, Shop local, care, details, prom dress, grad dress, graduation dress, tara's boutique