• Alana Krushen


I was invited to a potluck with strangers, and I decided to go. Purely to make them less strange. And upon arriving - my mind was quiet. For the first time in weeks... I was able to just listen to this sweet woman describe her day in detail. It consisted solely of looking forward to this potluck.

She woke early to volunteer with the street angels and came home to later prepare a pasta salad to share with people she did not know. And I sat there grateful. Grateful to be in her presence and watch every detail in her face curl into a smile. To see something so simple make her day.

To now be home and reflect in what we all chase, for happiness... A faster car, a better body, new clothes, great hair.... She just wanted half an hour. Half an hour of time that we all gifted to one another.

Thank you Phillis. Oh my god. Thank you.

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