• Alana Krushen

Skin Deep

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I sat in admiration of my long, filed finger nails today.. Remembering all the evenings spent avoiding contact, waving my painted hand frivolously in the air. My satisfaction dependent on the pristine finish of my nails.

My fascination cut short by a glance over at the atrocity that is my right hand.. because, god, I could never get both to be perfect. I notice my dismay, my relaxed face now tight. And I take time to collect thoughts about the pressures we put on ourselves as women.

Beauty, perfection.. In them lives the resolve to disappointments with ourselves. Looking to blame hereditary outcome.. aging... As if either of these things should be seen as misfortune. Ever searching for the next product, procedure, or acceptance from that guy who doesn't deserve you.

This is a chase we have all lost breath over. Trying to win a war that we only started with ourselves.. Wearing our war paint, the revealing clothing.. The push-up bras and hair extensions.. Gel nails and fake lashes.. What more have we done, than dress up our skeleton?

Beauty should be only subjective to ourselves. Our unique definition of it is what makes us glow. Ask yourself the difficult questions, find resolve, and reward your reflection with smiles.

I challenge all of us to be fearless in our self definition, and please. Break the rules.

Your journey to beauty comes from within. Find yourself in there, and let it come THROUGH your skin. Because as you've ignored your whole life - beauty isn't skin deep. It starts in your heart, pumps through your veins.. and shows itself through your ability to love.

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