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Simple Joy

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Remember when you were a kid... Running down streets, and side-winding onto the grass. Your arms wide open to catch every particle of happiness? The simplistic excitement of just being outside. Of having the ability to run. When did we lose that joy... Was it left in our ignorance? I get frustrated with our intelligence surpassing our ability to absorb the simple joys. Our happiness thought now, to only be derived from extravagant or devine experience. or worse yet - purchases. But when you were a kid, the only time you were sad was when you didn't get what you wanted.. And we've grown up now to know we can truly have anything we want.. Nothing is stopping us. So why as a society are we so unhappy? We grew up being told to chase our dreams. Followed by a jab to choose a career direction. Investigate the income you want to make, do you have to go to the city? Your aim solely dictated by your career succession.

Year by year: "What will you do?" What a restricted view we had. To think only our career choice could direct us.. I wish instead, an educator would have asked me: "Who will you be?" I met a man in Vietnam, who's conversation with me occured purely by chance. twice.. at opposite ends of the country.. Was it fate? Maybe. We sat at a quiet bar amongst friends, discussed our experiences throughout Asia, as well as each other's life ideals. He never once asked what we did for a living.. I wondered later why he hadn't. Thought maybe he was an undercover agent?? Didn't want to answer the question if it was directed back at him?? Well, I asked later why he avoided the small talk, and he told me:

"I don't think occupation or study defines a person, so I try not to bring it up. Everyone is amazing."

Celebrities and millionaires everywhere will tell you that we've got it all wrong.. That having everything leaves you with nothing.. Our journey to acquire and establish is misdirected. That our journey within and what's expressed outwards is what makes our people happy.

But who in your life exposes this lesson to you? Who are the real people seeking success through love and kindness? Well, I am. And anyone who has been curious enough to follow the 'Alana Saga' these last few years has seen me move 6 times within 4 years, risk everything for an experience, and push myself to and past my physical and mental limits. I have loved and lost, I have been grateful and sorrowful.. And I have loved this life more than any I've tried to live prior. So, I'm telling you as I tell myself: Worry not the things you didn't check off your list today. Direct your attention instead to how you held yourself. How you treated other people. Did you say "Hell YES" to something today? If you didn't.. Remember your direction is limitless and meaningful in even the smallest act. Eat ice cream before dinner. Lay on the floor with your face to the ceiling - dreaming of the stars. Forget where you left your cellphone - frequently. And find your art.. paint with your hands again.

The world is yours to touch, and it starts by making yourself smile.

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