• Alana Krushen

Sales Pitch | Rock Solid Tacoma

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

#flexfriday #tacotuesday

Have you always wanted to use these hashtags but have been without a rad enough truck to deliver? I have your solution... Read on, truck lover.

Tacoma's were made for life outdoors, and this one is a step above.

With its narrow body width, this stealth machine can make it through the tightest of trails with no issues and very little "Canadian Pin Striping".

Now let's get to the details...

• 1" Bilstein lift in this gal. This was a life changing mod.

What does that mean for you? Well besides the height increase, the Taco now has a smooth ride on those backcountry roads. Washboards you say? I didn't notice. Oh and speedbumps in town? Ain't no thang.

• 4 New General Grabbers on some sweet steelies.

She got a little taller, and whole lot meatier. Climbs no problem, and is quiet on the highway. Talk about total bliss. [also have a set of Toyo Open Country on the stock wheels]

• Rough Country Front Bumper

'nuff said. Check that clearance out. #flexfriday

• RIGID INDUSTRIES Light Bar -oh baby

Yea, not cheap. retails at $1300. You can see the tips of the trees on both sides of the highway at night. Also, wired perfectly in the factory switch plate. You're welcome.

• Leer Canopy

This thing was a MUST for me. I camp in it. No leaks and perfect screens. Bugs can get bent. I've built a raised bed for sleeping quarters. 6' tall sleeping like I'm in a Holiday Inn. Comfortably sleeps 2. And hey, now you can get that Instagram camping view shot.

DID I MENTION THERE'S STORAGE: Under your new sleeping quarters, the length of the truck bed is open to store your plethora of skiing/biking/hiking/camping gear. You name it, I do it. This system has never failed me. AND you can even lock your bike in there when you're away from the truck. A+

• Warranty on leaf springs. They're brand new and flexy fresh.

General interior notes -

• Quality cloth seats, no tears.

• Stock radio, floormats, dash etc.

• Back up camera. This thing is rad. Excellent clarity and reliability. Day or night, trees or cars. You're not ramming anything unknowingly.

• Horn doesn't work - I prefer the fist shaking out the window method anyway. But I can fix it if it's a deal breaker for ya.

Anything else? Relatively low K for such an able truck, I've kept her clean and I don't smash her around. There are a few dings and bangs from her previous jerk owner, but being my bush princess she served me just fine anyway.

Have I got your attention? Let me write for you.