• Alana Krushen

I Wasn't Ready

Updated: Jul 26, 2018


We never are.

8 years spent together, we lived in 3 different cities and 8 different homes. He was my consistent comfort through it all. He fought through 3 surgeries prior to this day. And after each one I thanked him.

Maybe I've never had many tangible things in this life, but every day I returned home... battered and bruised I'd press him to my heart and know that I had it all. I know not many have experienced the love of a rabbit, but I assure you my life won't be the same without him. To have an animals love is something unspeakable.. There were days I felt undeserving of it, but he'd always be there. He always chose me. He was my number 1 man.

We're always taught about value, through loss.. So please remember with me - how quickly things can change.

Care, craftsmanship, creativity and integrity. I have worked with Alana in a previous career, and you are getting a person who will do their absolute best for you in any capacity.

Guy Thomson

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