• Alana Krushen

Mother I Hardly Knew

|| Rebar

I’m here. Not because you asked me to be. But because of the way you told me about it.

You said: “It was my mother’s favourite” So I went.

Situated on a crossroads, many eyes looking for the prestigious, the restaurant was easily walked past. But not by you. It was your favourite.

Gripping the strong handled door I enter a diner layout. The green walls and purple bar paired so poorly with a red floor, it made them beautiful.

Lips to a glass of iced tea, my eyes wandered the floral tablecloths, a Godzilla figurine, and green painted light switches.

Gold & Silver cake pans lining each bulkhead, they carried my eyes the distance of the restaurant. Landing finally on an enormous piece of shattered art.

The words echoed in my mind “My mother would have loved you.”

I had an incredible meal, caught a few tears on my sleeve and saw all the things you loved about this place. I'm getting to know you, Kathy, through your memories.

And I see, why it was your favourite.


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