• Alana Krushen

MJ's Floral Boutique | Arranging Beauty

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Marsha Jean. A name that’s withstood the tests of time, the exchange of owners and even a few re-locations. While few may know the MJ’s origin… Marsha Jean is the name behind the undeniable identity of MJ’s Floral Boutique.

In 2015, a steadfast MJ’s employee decided to take her very own hold onto this flower legacy. Kelsey Taylor worked passionately for years under the MJ’s umbrella, and transitioning into ownership just made sense!

Imagine working in an aromatic space all day, creating your own masterpieces... Knowing wholeheartedly that everything you make is beautiful, meaningful, heartwarming and valuable.

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With their recent move onto 10th Ave, Kelsey and her mother took the opportunity to really develop the space into something magical. She & Mom took the reigns and made the whole renovation a family affair. Dad: Fill-in for deliveries, builder of furniture, coolers & creator of leather accessories. Mom: Lead of moral support, bookkeeping, and business partner to Kelsey. Sister: Design & creative mastermind. The finished space holds strong to all of their creativity and passion. It is a work of art the same as their bouquets.

Kelsey’s not alone in designing bouquets either…

In what seems like a parallel universe, her sister Sarah worked as a florist in Fernie BC. After years of distance, these two gals came back together to flourish as business partners. { see what I did there? }

Kelsey and Sarah... let me tell you - as an only child I just can’t imagine having a connection with a sibling like these girls have with each other. Their bond is as close to soulmates as I’ve ever seen. Their differences may not be obvious, and even when I asked… They turned to each other for answers.

At risk of being cliche... They truly “Live, Love & Laugh” together. These two make a literal dream team:. They are organized, eloquent, intelligent and driven.

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They tell me about what running a boutique is like, and I learn again how much there is happening behind the scenes. Did you know the quality and price point of flowers can differ largely within the same plant? Or how about that there is a flower auction? Hell, I didn’t even know anyone could study to be a professional florist!


Ever since my discovery of professionally styled bouquets, I’ve admired the quality and care they so gracefully illustrate. So sometimes when I’m feeling off, I stroll into MJ’s Floral to find my smile. I’m welcomed with elegant fragrance, a slowed pulse, and relaxed breath. Each glance around I am filled with genuine enjoyment of their natural products, botanicals and floral displays.

Spending time with these girls in their oasis of a store makes me remember that we are all artists creating masterpieces in this world; And how lucky are we to be able to choose our own medium.