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Small Town Love | Cranbrook BC

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I’m a pure-bred Kimberley gal. I learned to ski with the A&W bear, took swimming lessons at Mcdougal pool, threw pennies in the Platzl water fountain and even ran that damn staircase race. Now approaching 30 years young, when I mention my move to Cranbrook the response is almost always a slow clap. But… I love both Cranbrook and Kimberley. Sue me!

A few years ago, Lonely Planet’s piss poor review ignited our smoldering coals to defend that Cranbrook is a pretty rad place. Not only for its extensive historical worth, or the mountainous accessibility... But for the actual city itself!

Cranbrook has had me in it's clutches for 10 years now, and I’m noticing a few things: Tourists, neighboring towns, and even the residents are guilty in the oversight of Cranholio’s greatness. I spent my first number of years justifying my move to Cranbrook as a sensible one.

“It’s closer to work.”

This is what I would tell everyone who scoffed... But it turned into so much more as I made the best friends of my life, and fell in love with the countless reasons to stay.

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Cranbrook allows a lifestyle of after work adventures, walking to your favorite spot for a drink with friends, and even skiing and biking in the same day. We're a great hub of ‘in-between’. We’ve got the city with the small town size. Our amenities allow for clothes, grocery, and hobby shopping in a single day. A beautiful commute in either direction for same day alpine skiing. Plus surroundings with a magnitude of sights and adventures to keep you exhausted for years.

I’ve seen buildings burn and others built, and watched with glee as entrepreneurs bring new life to old spaces. I want to recognize all of the people in our community that are truly passionate, the people like me who have stayed here for this city and it’s un-matched value. We are not just a strip of fast food and hotels... Stay with us awhile to eat the local crop, taste the craft beer, the great coffee and cultural dishes.


2018, my life in the East Kootenays changed tremendously. My inspiration going forward is to connect wholeheartedly with those who love what they do, and to do my best to share their stories. Join me as I begin to understand and learn from these wonderful Cranbrookians.

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