• Alana Krushen

Hot Shots Café | Doin' it Right

Circa the year 2000, Sherry and Troy fled Alberta with the Kootenay dream. These two didn’t just want to vacation here… They wanted to live here, ski here, and bike here.

Enter Hot Shots Café: the inspiration and reason for their stay. 18 years since then, its name has grown from a whisper to a mountain yodel in this quaint little city.

I grew up in Kimberley, and the first I heard of Hot Shots was when they held space in the Prestige Hotel. I didn’t even drink coffee. But anyone who was anyone in high school was driving to Cranbrook to get their lips on a Hot Shots mug.

Sherry and Troy spent years of running from one end of town to another, sharing an espresso machine between multiple locations, and unintentionally… Losing the Kootenay way. Then 2010 came along, and these two opened their doors on Victoria Ave to the exclusive home of Hot Shots Café.


Sherry’s love has always been coffee, every aspect of it. She tells me about the different tiers or ‘waves’ of coffee shops and I watch her eyes light up with joy. She goes on to explain every particle of what makes up a café with equal excitement. Sherry’s obvious dream was to open an incredible coffee shop, and she has.

I spent what felt like a short moment with Sherry, but her humble personality and genuine conversation left the two of us alone in her now quiet café. I mention this not only because I fell in love with Sherry this day, but also because it became so clear that she is everything I love about Hot Shots.

She explains to me the trust & confidence she has in her staff to uphold her vision at every encounter.

“We get about 3 minutes of social exchange with each customer, it’s in that tiny window that we get to make an impression on them.”

Sherry expresses her love for the socialization with her customers, and her open kitchen was designed so that she can still send smiles & hellos to everyone who waits in line for her coffee.

Because it’s not just about the coffee, is it?


Like so many - I go there to focus, I go there to unwind. I go there when I’m hungry, thirsty, cranky or happy. I go there… On my first date, with the love of my life. Hot Shots Café is so often the opening, middle, or closing to my day. From all of us in Cranbrook, residents or not - Thank you.