• Alana Krushen


The traumatic process of grief is one so difficult to endure and console for, that I struggle to speak of it's beauty.

But through the tear filled eyes and trembled speech, there is love so powerful that it consumes the mind completely to the adoration of this one lost soul.

And I'm reminded of how amazing it is to be human. To be born with the urge to love, and to be able to express emotion so tremendously that anyone you're near feels it with you.

Now it's a shame, that often only after devastation do we speak of how much someone meant to us. And we are reminded time and time again that life is short. That we have to love it while we are here, because it can be taken so suddenly.

So please. Shut up. And say something. Dismiss fear and apprehension of how it will be perceived and just say it. There's nothing more valuable than your vulnerability. Share it with those you love. Support them and cherish them like it was your last chance.

My family has just lost a life... 2 days away from his first birthday.

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