• Alana Krushen

Define Honesty

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

I miss you\It's okay\I love you\I'm fine...

We limit our own happiness by pretending our feelings. We hide our shine to be dull and tough like the stones we were raised to be. Building our walls and watching through a window of defense. Like this life is something we are just here to observe, and fate will hand us our cards.

We are consumed by things we can't change. And we take stands of aggression, or silence when we are questioned. Not knowing how to approach the reality with actual explanation.

How often are things said in protection of another person's reaction? How often are things not said, in protection of our own?

Sentiment, is often thrown in words from our mouths instead of our hearts. Sincerity, is speaking truthful in sentiment at all costs. Making plans to mend the 'I miss you' Or asking for help when 'I'm fine' dishonestly came out.

And love. Is the richest jewel we have to make choice in all of this. Be conscious of the tremendous power our choices hold. It's the absolute only thing each of us have, that no one can take away. And in those choices lies the ability to bring on our own flourish.

Choose to be wholehearted with your company, and honest with yourself. Laughing to fit in, giving only words of sentiment, and pretending you're ok... are some of the quickest ways to bring on your own ending.

Don't stand silently behind that wall. Polish your shine and let that light pour through the cracks until one day, all of the awful will fade in your brilliance. Do not hesitate or manipulate your honesty. It defines you. Let it.

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