Adoration of solace, comfort, hilarity and adventure. Here you stand next to me.

My hair piled on you each morning, you let out a relaxed breath. 3 coffees down, your energy matches mine. And like a preteen boy crushing on a cute girl, I conjure ways to get you to look at me.

So I pick at you. relentlessly.. Push you over when you tie your shoes, poke your sides, and bite you like it is my only defense. You laugh each time. My smile reflecting yours... you look at me with those soft eyes.

And damn.

I value your hands.

Proudly wearing strength to push pain from my neck, and to hold my body in place when I feel in pieces.

I value your words.

For always speaking honesty, and practicing with me the art of spoken vulnerability.

I value your trust.

For giving it to me without reservation, and encouraging my life carry on as uncaged as my spirit.

And I value how you wear your heart.

Keeping it open wide. And welcoming me with it's warmth, No matter how cold I feel.

Your patience, compassion, calm demeanour and so much more... I am humbled to be encompassed by your presence.

Thank you, for finding me.

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