• Alana Krushen


Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Years ago, I was too shy to hold my own head up. Missing the sky's merit completely - and relating to the cold, crumbled rock below me. The days where I felt strongly about nothing... and standing up for myself was too high, so I stayed sitting. Crumpled at the back of the bus I could never get off at my stop.

Now I am here, presenting myself in honesty and love. I am proud of my lifes evolution - I have found the beauty of the sky.

By passionately becoming yourself, you'll recognize things more easily... Largely - the differences between right and wrong. Relationships, jobs, and even your friends will be seen with different perspectives. Some may crumble, others will flourish. You will notice those that do fall, have been at a constant stress to stand. Do not focus on the devastation, be confident in knowing the reconstruction will be worth it. The rise of the unexpected will bring you greater wealth than you ever imagined.

I can't remember who told me once, but they said: "you can't push on rope" And it created such an accurate visual to a struggle that a lot of us put ourselves through. Endlessly pushing a person, place or thing and wondering why it never works out... Or what we've done wrong... But if what you're pursuing isn't welcoming you with the same energy you're meeting it with, I'm sure that somewhere in you, you knew it shouldn't be.

And I don't mean to say that everything 'right' that you seek will come with ease. I mean that if you're pursuing something meaningful.. Then there will even be reward in failure. These rewards will be clearer when you give time to look introspectively at each instance.

Becoming who I am today created a field of magnets... Collecting metallic flowers of those I could love, and in return be loved by. I'm graced with such wonderful people around me. Remember that you are a product of the soil you nourish, and you too get to grow your own garden.

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