• Alana Krushen


Updated: Apr 17, 2018

It is something we have all known. It comes in many forms and many pains. There's definition to this that will tell you it is trauma and devastation. That each loss brings terrible heartbreak.

And I know you've heard that life goes on. That you've been made stronger by this experience. But we are also changed by every experience that we choose to let affect us. Understand that there is true reward to the pain.

I've come to believe that a heart does not break, it bends. Reshapes and contorts into new forms to give you greater perspective on how to live and love.

And maybe that's why I make conscious effort to turn even the simplest moments into monuments. Because how strong and proud will my mind be when it is built from bricks of daily smiles. Cement and stone from those who I reminded how to laugh.

I also want to speak for the importance of simplicity, and honesty. In joy, actions, goals and attainments. Nothing has brought more serenity to my overwhelmed mind than slowing down to see each detail in this world. Expressing the truth even when my voice trembles, and opening my eyes to see the true privilege and potential we all have.

So on the inevitable days when you are down. When you feel you couldn't possibly endure another blow... Collect yourself and remember how fascinated you once were with this world. Take 5 minutes and marvel at the complication and delicacy of an orange. From its brilliant textured skin, to each tiny bead of sweet citrus that graciously join together to create each piece. Notice that these miracles exist all around us, and be relentlessly grateful to witness each day of this life.

And maybe you woke up tired today. Maybe you wake up tired most days. Please be thankful for the exhaustion. The wake. And most importantly – the chance. The chance it gives you to see another day through, to fall your head on that pillow once more. Take salvation in practicing another dream. And we've gotta practice...

So that one day, we can live them.

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